Monday, January 24, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere (a revolution!)

We just concluded our teaching series called "This is the year..." and it was one of my favorite Sundays in a really long time! Chris Kincaide led worship and killed the national anthem--I've honestly never heard it that good. If you're wondering why in the world we played the National Anthem...well you should have been there:-) You can catch the series wrap up HERE.

I'll blog more about this later but we unveiled something called "Here, There, and Everywhere" that gets me so pumped up. I believe it is a reflection of us pursuing the heart and purposes of God as a church. This is a video that went with the "Here" portion--"Here" is our Strategic Service Efforts. The way we say it is "People putting their heart and hands in the place of greatest demand". Check out the video:

Here, There, Everywhere. from Ridge Church on Vimeo.

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