Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Day Inside our FUTURE FACILITY

Amazing day for Ridge Church. We started off the day with a pancake fundraiser completely initiated and implemented by one of our awesome community groups (you should be in a group if you're not!) Then we went straight over to the future home of Ridge Church for the first weekend of our unexpected Christmas store. Dozens of volunteers worked like crazy to help create this red carpet experience for families in need. We will provide a complete Christmas for 14 families when it's all said and done...but more than that we are providing HOPE! Hope that no matter how hard their situation may be that their Heavenly Father hasn't forgotten them.

We literally got the facility keys yesterday at 1pm and within 7 hours our amazing people had created a "red carpet" experience for our Unexpected Christmas store guests. I love the fact, that the first time we ever gathered to do anything in the facility that will soon be renovated, it was to serve our city! Here's a sneak peak inside our facility and the unexpected Christmas store--(from my phone video camera but you get the idea):

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