Monday, December 5, 2011

Ornaments with a Purpose

I'm so grateful for the creativity of my team and how much they value excellence. I think the most amazing mission on the planet deserves extreme excellence and my team believes that too. The magnitude of the mission should determine the excellence of the effort! Here is the most recent example:

Our church is working on what we are calling an "Unexpected Christmas Store" for 14 families in need at a local title one school that Ridge Church partners with on an ongoing basis. We wanted to fill their wish lists, supply all of their needs, plus bless them with a few things they didn't ask for including Christmas ornaments, decorations, and tons of basic household items. In order to help us cross the finish line and meet our goals we decided to create a memory/keep sake ornament that says "I helped provide an unexpected Christmas-Ridge Church 2011" Each ornament represented the donation of a tree, ornaments, and a household gift so they were $50 each.

The awesome part is that both of our giving kiosk lines were full and we sold out of the ornaments! They look awesome but the best part is that they are ornaments with a purpose--TO GIVE HOPE! We want these families to have a small reminder that God has not forgotten them. We are going to re-stock for next weekend and I can't wait to see the impact on these families and this school!

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