Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KidVenture at Ridge Church

Ridge is having our first KidVenture April 5, 5-7pm at Pump It up. Here's the low down: KidVenture is an event designed to allow our elementary age children from Ridge to connect with their group leaders out side of church.

Every parent will bump into this truth somewhere along the parenting journey, if you haven't already.---We all need someone involved in the lives of our children who is saying the same things about God that we are or want to be saying. Like it or not; believe it or not (I worked with teenagers for almost a decade so I've seen this!)...there will come a day when our children won't call Mom and Dad at the first sign of relational trouble or major life decisions. In those moments we all would love to rest in the fact that we have helped them establish the right relationships with mentors and peers! It is possible but doesn't happen on accident.

So, as a pastor I am for this, BUT as a parent I am crazy about this idea--it is a no brainer. Click here for more information about Kid Venture or email Lauren or Patrick. Sign up to come!

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