Friday, April 11, 2008

Quotes that make you go HMMMM!

A few stand out quotes from my ADD book reading habits this week:

If you are a "love them to death" leader here is a good one for you:
"People do not learn skills from love alone" -Ken Blanchard

A good reminder that Failure and Success need to be held delicately:
"Success lures us into taking our hands off the wheel. Failure causes us to overcorrect." -Andy Stanely

If you are in constant motion, a busy worker, a glutten for activity--pause to read this one:
"[Don't] mistake activity for progress...if all of that activity isn't taking you where you want to go it's just wasted time" -Lane Jones

This one applies at home and at work!:
"When the leader blames the follower for not following, the leader has ceased to lead" -Andy Stanley

Great Leadership principle--it will take your business, organization, church to the next level:
"Leaders need to do what the people they surpervise can't do for themselves at the present moment" -Ken Blanchard

If you are motivated by thoughts of investing your life into a greater cause...:
"If you really want to make a lasting impact, then you need to eliminate what you do well for the sake of what you can potentially do best" -Reggie Joiner

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