Monday, April 7, 2008

"Starting Point" recap

Ridge Church began a new teaching series this weekend called "Starting Point." In typical Andy Stanley fashion, he tackled an issue that has historically been one of the most complicated and potentially confusing subjects in Christianity...but he did so in a manner that was simple and crystal clear. Go here to listen to it if you missed it. He is truly a phenomenal communicator and a great leader.

Josh Via did a great job leading the band, and leading us in worship. He always does! Rhett jumped in and did a great job with back up vocals last night as well. Great group of musicians on stage last night.

I had a meeting today concerning facility stuff, and will likely have a few follow up meetings this week. In short, we are hopeful about making the move sometime soon to become a church that meets consistently on Sunday Mornings. I know many of you are excited to make that transition. We feel like this will give us a greater platform to bless the people of this city with the love of Jesus. That is one of the things we long to do. Consistent generosity financially will really help pave the way for us to make this move so sign up as a vision partner if you haven't already done so! Each of our current vision partners have simply committed to: "Prioritize people's eternity above convenient lifestyles, by giving generously." The people of Ridge are truly a phenomenal group of people to be associated with! Thanks for making this such a great church to pastor.

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Josh Via said...

Chris, thanks so much for the shout-out. We're pumped to be back with you guys tomorrow night! Blessings dude. .josh.