Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who's in your corner?

There is nothing that we at Ridge celebrate more or value more than seeing people get connected in community groups. My wife and I started a group back in February. Only two of the couples really knew each other prior to group, but you would have never guessed that if you had been a spectator in our group last night as we met. We are completely relaxed and pretty vulnerable with each other, and we are only a few short weeks into the jouney.

We closed the night with a simple question: "What do you hope to gain from this group?" The responses varied slightly but they all carried the same theme. I think every one of us want to know that there is someone in our corner cheering us on. Someone that knows us and cares about our life. No one wants to turn around in the difficult times of life only to realize that No one is in their corner; To realize No one really cares; To the realize that No one took time to call because there was No one. No one wants that!

On the other hand, we also want someone in our corner cheering when we succeed, celebrating with us. We want someone feeling and experiecning our joy. No one wants to celebrate alone---Yet, even though we know we need healthy relationships, and want people in our corner; many, maybe most never take the step, to place themselves in what Andy Stanley calls "Structured Relationships" for the sake of spiritual progress. Structured relationships like a community group provides.

If you've been to Ridge, but haven't taken the step to be involved in a group, you should! Maybe it feels like a risk to some of you depending on your personality and previous church experience or lack of experience, but it is something every person needs! But don't wait until you feel that need, and turn to your corner to find No One.--You should consider it. If not here at Ridge--->then somewhere!

Who's in your corner?

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