Monday, August 4, 2008

Never Miss Group!

I don't know if my words can do justice for the strength, power, and connectedness that comes with "doing life" with a group of people. So I decided to give you and "un-edited"---which is a bit dangerous I know:-)--- inside look at my group.

IMPORTANT CONTEXT for the video:
In the last couple of months the couples in my group (all of us) have been through some incredibly difficult and trying days. From job stuff, to relationship stuff, to family stuff, to financial stuff, to death of loved ones, to dealing with mistakes and hurts from our's just been one of those bombarding seasons---the heavy stuff of life! In the midst, God is shaping all of us in major ways spiritually, and we've become incredibly close through the process.

One of our "beloved" couples couldn't make it to our last group meeting so we sent them an ENCOURAGING video can literally feel the love emanating.

Sorry---couple of inside jokes in all honesty, if you don't have a group of people that you are tracking with in life, then you are missing out on so much. God designed us in such a manner that we do best in life when we are in meaningful relationships with people. This is the heart of Ridge Church! Your next opportunity to get involved with a group at Ridge (called Group Link) will be happening early in this fall. Be sure to go online and sign up if you are interested.

**Keep checking back this week. I will be posting several videos from some recent--fun, and powerful stuff at Ridge Church.

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patrick mitchell said...

dude you can hear your flippin' laptop vibrating like always in the video. are you kidding me?
want me to take it to the apple store for you or something?