Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Favorite kid's olympic quotes

This was the first time my children have been old enough to really pay attention to the Olympics and they were pretty into the whole deal. Brayden (9 years old) would be come distraught and slightly agitated every time the USA lost an event. Although, he seemed to be okay with the USA's lack of presence in the badminton finals:-) Along the way my family laughed a lot. Here are my favorite insights and quotes:

First. One night during the track and field events, Josie (almost 7 years old) kept busting out laughing, and we couldn't figure out why. Finally, she came clean and said, "My favorite part is when their lips bounce." Every night she got cracked up when she would see the runners cruise the track with bouncing lips. She especially loved slow motion shots!

Second. Much to my dismay, we were watching the synchronized swimming. Maddie, (also almost 7 years old--twins) was mesmerized, but not by their skill, or beauty. She simply couldn't figure out..."How do they keep their makeup on in the water?"

Third. Maddie again. This time the event was the high dive. Maddie said with much disdain in her voice "Why are those boys wearing bikinis." I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.

Fourth. Yep, Maddie again. During the Olympic rowing she walked in and got really excited. She said, "Oh, yeah look paddle boating." Enough said.

HERE's my take when I watched the Olympics through the eyes of "first time Olympic watchers" it was a totally different experience. We were watching the same exact thing yet experienced something very different. A similar thing happens in church world. When people are coming to church for the first time, or the first time in a long time, what they see and experience is totally different than what us church veterans see and experience. At Ridge we are working hard and fighting hard to be very aware of this dynamic and design our church to address that tension. If you or someone you are inviting to Ridge is new to church, or returning after a break, we know Ridge will be a great experience. Setpember 7th--11AM.

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