Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Party people (part 4)

I know I'm not supposed to play favorites, but I'm sure you'll all understand why this was my favorite moment of the night, and probably my favorite moment at Ridge Church so far. Our first Family Birthday Celebration at Ridge Church was a great day for me as a pastor but an even better day for me as a dad. My son Brayden is a great kid. He has such a kind heart. He genuinely cares for other people, even as a nine year old. My wife and I are proud of him for trusting Jesus as his Savior and for publicly declaring his faith through Baptism.

I've told several people that he represents the next generation of Jesus followers. He came to church last week with his new Bible (a gift at the Family Birthday Celebration) under one arm and his PSP under the other:-) Watch out world.



patrick mitchell said...

that was awesome man!

Jeff Robinson said...

It's ok to have favorites. I had mine a couple of posts ago

Jon Rouleau said...

Dude.......there are no words.

Polly Rowell said...

He is such a good boy!