Saturday, August 16, 2008

Party people (part 3)

Little slow on this installment. My family was out of town this week without internet.

Our entire philosophy of ministry to children at Ridge Church is that we don't minister to children! I know it sounds weird at first but what we are doing is incredibly strategic. Instead of creating ministries that only consider children, we are doing our best to minister to and consider the entire family. We spend alot of time energy and money on setting up our children's environments in such a way that they come along side parents. We want to use our "one hour" a week to partner with parents in the remaining hours. We want to help them be spiritual leaders in their home. Parent are the ones in the day to day trenches and we want to encourage, equip, and inspire them along the way.

Gabby's family is just one of those families. We consider the small part that we play an honor, but we are so grateful for families that take seriously their responsibility to lead their families spiritually. So here are Gabby's words before being baptized:

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