Sunday, September 7, 2008

6:30am comes early!

We had a really good day today at Ridge Church as we hit another milestone with our first Sunday morning service. I'm truly grateful for our incredible volunteers. I know, I know... you've heard it, I've heard it--other pastors talking about how they have the greatest volunteers. All I'm saying is that I'm honestly honored to work along side these great people. They so passionately believe in what we are doing, and they are "all in".

One proof of this: We had close to 20 people that met us at 6:30am Sunday Morning to start creating the environments for Ridge Church. Another dozen or so trickled in throughout the morning and about a dozen volunteers met us Saturday night to reorganize our equipment and set up a new Waumba room. Dozens more arrived for CORE worship around 9:30am and our family ministry team, and host meetings at 10:00am. It's fun to watch them serve, give, and love! THANKS! My staff is pretty amazing too. Tons of talent and tons of serving!

I had tons of inquiries, from facebook, to calls, to emails asking how the first AM service went. Thanks for all the love and interest! Short story, it was a great day. We had a bump in attendance and the energy and excitement around the building was contagious. Can't wait for part two of this Everybody series. Picture is kind of washed out, but you get the idea...

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