Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The big "Mo"

Maxwell calls it the "Law of the big mo." It is affecting you more than you realize. It is at work in your home, your job, your church whether you know it or not. He says that momentum is a leader's best friend.

You see momentum exaggerates everything. When you have the "big mo" everyone tends to be more positive and more excited. Business is good=employees are happy. Bonuses keep rolling in=spouse and family are happy. Team is winning=fans are happy and keep buying tickets and t-shirts. When the church is growing=people keep talking and keep inviting

But on the other hand when it is absent everyone has more time and ability to focus on the negative and create problems that should have never existed. Run your life through this filter and you'll find it to be true. When business is bad people gossip more in the office. When your salary is in jeopardy marital conflicts emerge more frequently. I think this is what Chaucer was referring to with his thoughts, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop."

We are coming into a unique season of momentum at Ridge Church, and I think each of us play a part in creating the "Big mo". What are you doing...what can you do to help create the big mo for your family, for your business for Ridge Church? God will do his part. I want us to do ours! It's a worthwhile question.

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