Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creating potential for community

Truth: The church cannot technically create community! BUT--What we can and should do is create the potential for community. That is exactly why we do groups the way that we do at Ridge Church. We work hard, pray hard, plan hard, and think smart when it comes to the best way to structure groups. We are constantly learning and re-evaluating "how" we structure small groups so that they have the greatest potential to create great relationships and great community.

We literally have amazing things happening in all of our groups! And this next season of groups will unveil the best "potential yet." For us (Ridge Church) it never has been and never will be all about what happens on Sunday or the weekend. Creating the greatest potential for "community" to happen is the best thing and most important thing we do for believers.

Go ahead and take the next step. Sign up to participate in Group Link Sunday, Sep 13th @6PM. Group Link is an event designed to allow people to meet in a non threatening environment, learn how groups operate, and walk away from the night in a group if they choose to. Sign Up Here!

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