Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sippin' from the Hydrant

Sippin' from the Hydrant:
Imagine standing in front of a fire hydrant as the full force of the water is released. Got a visual? Now imagine trying to drink it in. Eye lids are flipped back, you are drenched, and it is a tiny bit overwhelming even if you are thirsty beyond measure.

That is a fairly accurate description of what I've been experiencing today and yesterday in the midst of this time of fasting, prayer, and Scripture study that many of us from Ridge Church are participating in. One of my specific prayers is that God would speak to me very clearly and draw me close and it's been pretty overwhelming. It will take me weeks to process and unpack what God is doing in me and saying to me. In no certain order here are a few unfiltered thoughts, ideas, prayers, and quotes:

  • Prov. 2:2-5 Following Jesus is active not passive. It's not a spectator sport. We involve ourselves and apply ourselves and the flurry of spiritual activity becomes obvious and apparent. How active are we in our pursuit of Jesus? Just showing up on Sunday isn't enough. Sorry to disappoint if that was your plan!
  • (Going to memorize this) Prov. 2:8 "[the LORD] guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones"
  • We [Ridge Church] exist because God wants us to (I am so confident of that!!!). I'm praying that we exist the way he wants us to. Without a doubt God gave me this prayer!
  • I want the people of this great city to experience the unexplainable yet un-deniable presence of God. I want that to be the norm for Ridge Church.
  • We ask a lot of great questions as a church. Today this simple question has my brain spinning in circles. "What are the questions that we as a church are not asking...but should be asking?"
I couldn't be more excited about what God is revealing to me and how I have personally experienced him in these days. Vision is overwhelming me. Be active in your pursuit of him! That's all for now.

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