Thursday, September 17, 2009

Group link over capacity!

Group Link Review:
I wanted to give a quick review of Group Link from this past weekend. Just for reference, Group Link is our event designed to give people a platform to meet others interested in groups. This event takes place in a neutral setting and people have the opportunity to walk away from the night in what we call an eight week "formational group". These groups typically turn into groups that commit to meet together regularly for extended periods of time.

We only do this event two times a year and it is currently the only way to become part of a group at Ridge Church. We had several groups coming back to add to their groups or multiply into new groups. When it was all said and done we formed "eight" new groups in addition to the other groups currently meeting. For the first time in our short history as a church we actually had so many people attend that we had to figure out a way to add the "ninth" new group after the event.

We love group life around here and we are really excited when people jump in and get involved because so much life change happens and is sustained in this setting. Thanks to all that participated in some way!

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