Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Steps or...

This is time sensitive, 1990's actually. Sorry, if it brings up bad memories or even worse no-memories, due to age or...well...other stuff! The movie "What about Bob" popularized the phrase "Baby Steps."

Here is the synopsis given by movie reviewer Bob Suitt:

"Bob Wiley, to put it simply, has problems. Anything from fear that his bladder is going to explode to fingernail sensitivity, he is one man who thinks he’s sick with everything. His schedule is just jam-packed with helpful cures, including weekly visits to the psychiatrist and outings with Gil, his goldfish. Meanwhile, Dr. Leo Marvin, a respected psychiatrist, has a best seller out -- Baby Steps, which is all about taking problems a little bit at a time."

My world...maybe yours?

So Dr. Marvin tells Bob that in his life he needs to take baby steps. Feels like good advice. I've even given similar advice in many situations. But is anyone else out there like me? Does anyone else cringe at the thought of "baby steps" in your life, passion, job, career, business etc? Does anyone else long to take the foot off the brake peddle, and accelerate through the turns of life? Anyone else want a double shot of espresso? Anyone else want to really live life rather than simply "navigating it." Anyone else want to "go big or go home?"

Steady Plodding or Risk?

Sometimes, I don't know how to settle the vision in my heart or if I should even try. It's pretty driving and most days overwhelming. I know Scripture reveals a combination of both "steady plodding" and "risk taking." Both are biblical concepts. Deciding which one is required at which turn is the tricky part.

What's next for Ridge?

So Ridge Church is living in that tension at least in one aspect. We are ready to pull the trigger on moving from our current Sunday evening meeting time to a Sunday morning meeting time. It is simply a more optimal time for most people to attend--and more optimal to invite others to attend. For months now it has been "steady plodding", but I believe the time is near, maybe upon us to take a risk!

We tell our guests at Ridge every week that the tithe and offering time isn't really for them. We have had so many of you step up and give percentages of your income to this awesome vision. Some of you are giving sacrificially or for the first time. That is awesome!

22 Vision Partners--What about you?

I would love to see 22 more families or individuals step up to the plate now at Ridge and become VISION PARTNERS. A vision partner is someone that has made the choice to: "Prioritize people's eternity above convenient lifestyles, by giving generously"

The coolest part about all of our current vision partners is that none of them committed out of obligation or guilt. They gave because they love the vision of Ridge Church. Many of them and their friends and families have been influenced toward God at Ridge Church.

Will you be one of the 22? Go here and take the first step. THANKS!

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