Monday, March 17, 2008

Ridge goes Kinetic

Kinetic Church here in Charlotte, led by Pastor Dave Milam, recently experienced a heart breaking deal with some of their equipment. A few weeks ago, two of their trailers were stolen from behind their church office and they didn't find out until Sunday morning. Now, for some of you that has no context, but if you have ever worked for, or volunteered in, a "load in church", then you know how much that can cripple you! Check out this video from "THE DAY":

Well, Ridge Church didn't have extra money to offer, because we are brand new ourselves (18 public services). However, the two things they needed the most, were the two things we had to offer:
  1. Availability
  2. Church in a box (load in/portable equipment)
So, Ridge Church is going Kinetic! We are combining with Kinetic Church for Easter Sunday, 10am at the Concord Mills, AMC Theater (Please join us!). We are taking a team of volunteers and anyone from our church that is willing to make the drive and we are setting up all of our children's stuff for them and putting on an "Upstreet Production". It will be an incredible day. One to remember. I will give more details throughout the week.

ANOTHER NOTE of interest for Friends of Ridge:

Thanks for all your interest and questions. Check my previous post for more details, but in short. We are carefully, but diligently pursuing an incredible facility option. I mentioned in our last service that we are asking people to pray big and give big. Both are necessary! Step up for Ridge! This will not be an immediate fix, but it is a great prospect. I will post throughout the week on this as well. Thanks, for being such a great group to lead.

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