Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Have you visited www.ifiknewgodwaswithme.com?

Be sure to jump over to www.ifiknewgodwaswithme.com and follow the stories as they come in. During this series at Ridge Church, we are asking people to candidly share their thoughts, even challenges and tensions, when it comes to asking and answering this question:

"What would someone in my circumstances do if they were completely confident that God was with them?"

Go here to catch up if you missed part one of this incredible teaching series by Andy Stanley. Then jump onto www.ifiknewgodwaswithme.com and share your insights (anonymously or by name).

One principle that we see peppered throughout Scripture is that there is something powerful, even crystallizing at times about voicing or "going public" with issues related to our faith. Baptism is the most obvious illustration of this idea. New believers in the first century church (modeled by churches today) were quick to be baptized as a public confession that they had surrendered their lives to Jesus.

This new website is one small and practical way--maybe a first step for each of us to "go public" as we wrestle with issues of faith, and living life as though "God is with us." Please don't hold back. The thing you share will be good for you and possibly great for others! In the words of John Ortberg "Everyone's normal until you get to know them." Your life, your struggles, your fears, your insecurities, your challenges, your questions, will likely be much more normal than you think they will!

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