Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One of those days

We all have them---days that you didn't really enjoy, and wouldn't necessarily want to repeat. Today was one for me, but the great part is the perspective, and balance in the midst of days like that--that having Jesus in control of my life brings. I hope you are experiencing that!

God provides great reminders too, at just the right time. My lunch today was with a guy who by his own admission, has had a major change in his entire life since coming to Ridge Church. We talked today, and he shared about how much more satisfied he was in knowing and pursuing Jesus. He said it was more satisfying than anything or relationship he had ever experienced! He's right, because nothing else, and no-one else has the capacity to truly satisfy us, but Jesus!

Quote of the day:

"We cannot choose how many days we will live but we can choose how we will live those days" -John Maxwell

How are you doing with your choice? We only get one go- around at this thing called life!

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