Monday, March 3, 2008

What would you do?

"The Legend of Joe Jacobson" began at Ridge Church over the weekend. It was a powerful start to the series. It's fun for me, as a pastor to watch how excited people are both to attend and invite others to attend. The place is buzzing from the parking lot to the foyer to every ministry area. It's fun to watch the expressions on the faces--even the body language, that are often followed by comments like, "I didn't know church could be like this." The adult stage was pretty mesmerizing...and then when Ben and the guys kicked in leading worship, it was simply contagious.

Across the board it was a great night. The children's areas were hopping with 50 kids fifth grade and younger lovin' life in Upstreet and Waumba Land. We have great leaders and volunteers that are making church exciting, fun, and memorable for children. It makes it easier for parents, like me, to have conversations with their kids about God.

What would you do?

So, we unveiled the new website We had over 100 hits by Monday morning after the first message in this series. This is going to be a fun interactive deal for Ridge Church over the next several weeks (and for any of you that want to participate). The idea behind this website is simple...

We want people to really wrestle with and reflect on the question, "What would any one in my circumstances do if they were absolutely confident that God was with them?" THEN---we want you to share your thoughts (anonymously or by name) on our blog. Here are a few questions to get moving in the right direction:
  • Would you fight for your marriage or throw in the towel?
  • Would you sign the business deal or walk away?
  • Would you make that phone call, or visit you've been postponing?
  • Would you risk more or relax more?
  • Would you move or stay where you are?
  • Would you be more generous with time, money, etc--or save, invest more?
  • Would you react in anger or with compassion?
  • Would you make that invite you've been delaying?
So, jump over there and give us a couple of lines about "What you would do..."

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