Friday, September 12, 2008

What's your story about the buzz?

So Ridge Church had our first Sunday morning service last week and I've heard several people telling stories about the word on the street the rest of the week. You know the kind of stories where someone, who knows someone, who goes to that church kind of stories... I couldn't believe they liked it kind of stories... I couldn't believe they had heard of Ridge kind of stories...

My office assistant was telling me about one of her class mates that piped up when she mentioned the name of our church and said hey I have friends who go there and love it.

I walked into the bank today and the teller (that I recognize but don't know) said, "Hey I'm coming to your church this Sunday". I looked around to make sure she was talking to me before I embarrassed myself with a response. I didn't even know that she knew I was a pastor. That comment was followed by one of the other ladies saying yeah, I saw the big flags for your church flying on Sunday morning.

Okay...I don't ask often for feedback, but I want to hear from you
on this one:

How have your invites gone? What is your story? Have you heard or created the buzz about Ridge? If so How? Who's coming that you are excited about? Who are you hoping to see there this week? What is your favorite recent story from Ridge Church or your favorite invest and invite story? What was your personal experience at Ridge like? Give me some feed back. Ready, set, GO!


Rob said...

Greetings Chris,

Our son's name is Chris too (he's a freshman at ECU in Greenville NC). We came to the first morning service at Ridge Church. We have been following the Ridge website for quite sometime but were not able to attend the Sunday evening services. We found Ridge Church through the North Point website. We think Andy Stanley is great!

The Ridge greeters were very welcoming and friendly. We enjoyed the service although a little bit longer than we're used to. We plan to be there this Sunday for the second part of the Everybody series.

Thanks to you and all the Ridge staff and volunteers for a great job on your first Sunday morning service.

Rob & Terry Wendt

Anonymous said...

Though this was the first morning service, we have been meeting with our Ridge Small Group for a long time now and everyone in our group and on staff has been incredible in helping us during our time of need! Thanks to my Small Group and to all of the Ridge Staff!!!