Monday, January 7, 2008 and running

Ridge Church kicked off the new year with a series called "Q3". The first night was about Asking Big, something all of us could probably afford to do a little bit more of. It is pretty normal for us to drift toward safety and toward prayers that manage the details and circumstances surrounding our lives, but there is so much more to prayer.

Most of the time when pastors talk about stuff like this there is some sort of hidden agenda for the church, but the topic of the night was all about individuals asking God to do big things in their personal lives. Stuff so big that "if it was answered it would drive people in our lives to acknowledge the hugeness, the power, the love, the hope, the compassion, the ability of our God!

If each of us would take this challenge seriously I think the results in our neighborhoods, families, places of employment, highschool and colleges would begin to morph before our eyes. I can't wait to see it implemented in our lives!! Ask Big.

Alright, check out the "PHAT" stage that Rusty and his team put together for "Q3". Two important notes as you look. First, we load all of this stuff in before service and load it back out afterward so it had to be light, portable, and easy to assemble. Second, this stage set was all done for roughly $50 (with a few donations of course.)

Sunday was a great day for many reasons. New faces, people beginning to fully embrace this church, great volunteers displaying excellence in every way, incredible music and worship. We talk a lot about the fact that every week someone is experiencing Ridge Church for the first time. This reminder is a vital part of our preparations. Check out this blog entry someone forwarded me from a first timer at Ridge.

Sunday night church is risky business though. Seriously, who in the world goes to church on Sunday night? It is a stretch even for people that like church! Especially if you have small children that go to bed early. Inspite of that we had 50 children fifth grade and younger at Ridge Church. There was a contagious energy in the building, and very little space in the parking lot! Churches don't typically grow numerically on Sunday nights. In fact most decline, so we are grateful to God for the increase at Ridge Church. Something is about to shake loose!

Moving to Sunday Morning:

Ridge Church took a year in '06 to cast vision, train and develop a core team, and launched to the public in September '07. We now have 12 public services under our belt and feel like the next big step is making the move to Sunday mornings. Many of you are interested in helping us get there! If you'd like to help, here is one simple and practical way. We are asking 45 people (housholds) to partner with us as "percentage givers" at Ridge Church this next year. This would enable us to make an offer on a Sunday Morning facility in Matthews. Help us get there!! Become a "Vision Partner". (This link is not a public link on our website) Join the journey, the adventure, something amazing that God is up to in this city.

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