Friday, January 11, 2008

What keeps you awake at night?

Okay, I confess that the question I am posing "What keeps you awake at night?" doesn't have much current context with me personally. See, I have a gift, one that I am grateful to God for, one that many of you wish you had. Here it is: I have a gift to be able sleep at night. To put my head on the pillow and lights out! I know a lot of people can't sleep at night for many reasons (like your snoring spouse, or a crying infant, or the inability to stop thinking about what happened at work, or the double shot venti mocha from Starbucks) I was like that early on in ministry but something changed, a story for another time, BUT now I sleep at night.

But you know what I am asking when I say "What keeps you awake at night?"...Right? In other words, what is it that drives you, energizes you, pumps adrenaline through your body? What are you passionate about? What is the thing you can't wait to blog about, show pictures of, tell your friends at work about? What do you do that invigorates you? What do you do that makes you lose track of time? Your answers to these questions will reveal your passions...or lack of them.

For me it has been clear for sometime. As a 17 year old I experienced a relationship with Jesus for the first time, and I have never "recovered" from meeting him. He changed me. The trajectory of my life was set in those days, and though I didn't know how, and didn't know all the details I knew the rest of my life would be committed to making Jesus famous. I somehow knew that if people could just meet him, not the way the church often portrays him, but actually meet him that they would be crazy about him too. I pray every day that my children will know him, and that my wife and I will accurately portray Jesus to them.

That is what drives, excites, motivates me. The mission of Ridge Church is, "To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus." It is a mission that will out last us. It requires prayers that are bigger than us. It is a mission that deserves and requires our attention. It is something worthy of consideration at the very least. In fact I bet every person reading this wishes they could be certain that the contributions of their life out last them. We all want to make a difference. Well, for me and a lot of other people that call Ridge Church home, this is it. What about you, "What keeps you awake at night?"

Wouldn't you hate to find out after the fact that this exciting movement was shaking lose in your city and you didn't know it or worse yet you knew it and casually dismissed it? In his book "Chazown", Craig Groeschel says this about vision, "When God gives you His vision, he also gives you the ability to get it done"...I KNOW this is true for me----Now quickly, before you misunderstand me, and roll to the next blog because of my apparent arrogance listen to what I mean. The vision God has placed in my heart for the city of Charlotte is overwhelming, but he has given me the "abilities" to get it done, and by "abilities" I mean yours. The collective abilities of those that call ridge church home, as well as those that will call ridge church home in the future are the fuel for this vision. The revolution I envision, the stuff I dream of will take the abilities of many, and God is gathering that army. Buckle your seat belt. I can't wait for all of our friends, family, and co-workers to meet Jesus!

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