Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happty 13th Birthday!

Who's 13th you say? Ridge Church of course. Not 13 years, or even 13 months, but 13 services. We fully intend to have many more of these! We began the journey that first night by talking about the fact that the way things are in our world, in our lives, in the church, is not the way they have to be. (Listen Here) We truly believe that there is something incredible that happens when the church creates contagious, relevant environments, where peole can be encouraged to pursue the right kind of relationships---starting with our relationship to our Heavenly Father.

For us the pursuit of three vital relationships defines us and becomes the filter for all that we do as a church. If it doesn't funnel people into one of these three relationships we simply don't do it. We feel like focus and simplicity are keys to success in reaching people:
  1. Intimacy with God (Listen Here)
  2. Community with Insiders (Listen Here)
  3. Influence with Outsiders (Listen Here)
Lock and Load People of Ridge:

I love the challenge of looking ahead and wrestling through the details of the future of this church. God wired me that way. The preeminent question
that we are asking currently is when, where and how we will make the move to becoming a Sunday morning church. Why? It is simple--because we believe this is the optimal time to meet---the best time to partner with each of you to become an "easy invite" for your friends, neighbors, and co-workers---especially for families with small children, and we have alot of those! PLEASE hear my heart: Our mission is about people, not facilities, buildings or private empires, BUT if a facility (specifically one available on Sunday morning) better enables, and platforms us to partner with each of you in seeing the people in your world and mine meet Jesus, then it isn't "a nice to have--it's a must have!"

S0...some of you love this idea. It resonates with you. It makes sense to you. Many of you have been impacted, and influenced personally! Many of you ask about the progress and how you can help so here it is: Become a vision partner with Ridge Church. Cool stuff is shaking loose and many have already stepped up, but we need at least 12 more families, or households, or individuals (you too college students!) that would partner with us as "percentage givers" this next year at Ridge. (Percentage Giver meaning a commitment to give a percentage of your normal income)" If we have 12 more commitments we will make an offer on an incredible Sunday morning facility. Exciting Days! You can help. Click here to sign up as a Vision Partner.

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