Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow and community group

Well, good luck finding bread and milk today, around Charlotte. I've never understood it, but apparently those two items are essential to survival in case you get snowed in for a week (with less than two inches of snow)? So, less than 24 hours later the snow is gone and you can probably find discounted bread and milk on craig's list or ebay or something.

But, not all of the snow is technically gone. We have the largest snow man in the neigborhood. A little bit weird shape, but he is stellar! NOTE: It took all of the snow in the front yard to make him. We were playing in the snow at 8am this morning, and then the kids were off to school after a two hour delay. They loved it!

Here the girls brought the snow in doors for some cooking and Brayden is taking aim:
The night ended with community group at our house. We do some pretty cool stuff at Ridge Church, but community groups are clearly the best and most vital thing that we do. We have seven couples in our group that hardly knew each other when we began. In fact, most of them had never even met prior to group but friendships grow so quickly in this context. We are having an incredible time together. My wife is a killer cook, so the food is always great, but it is so fun to watch these groups take off and grow together. Next weekend we are doing a retreat in the mountains and every one is stoked, looking forward to spending the time together. Tonight after group I told my wife that I can't wait until these groups are meeting in neighborhoods across the city. Every person deserves and needs to experience relationships in this kind of context. Every person needs a group of people to do life with. February 2nd we are having our first "Group Link" to form new groups. Seriously you need to sign up and attend if you haven't already. You won't regret it.

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