Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Bubble Wrapped Life

During our core days of Ridge Church we did a series called "Interrupted." The big idea being the fact that interruptions in our lives are inevitable and often un-invited. However, some of the greatest interruptions have the capacity to become blessings and opportunities. Children are a great example. They interrupt everything--the quiet, our checking account, the new furniture smell that 'was' in our homes, our date nights and romantic meals, our emotional stability:-) But you'd be hard pressed to find a mom or dad that doesn't talk affectionately and often about their children. Interruption? --Yes!... Blessing?---Most definitely! My favorite time in the series was the night we discussed "The Safe Life Interrupted." Maybe you can relate--- it is a struggle in my own life not to simply migrate back to all that is safe, convenient and predictable. Most of us like a measure of predictability and routine. BUT, truthfully, as I consider my personal experience pursuing Jesus and living out the values he taught, it isn't always simple or safe or predictable, but it is always satisfying.

To put it lightly, this idea stirred again in my mind today reading Chazown, by Craig Groeschel. It wasn't even his main point in the chapter I was reading, but he threw out this rough definition of "Sacrifice" that resonated and stuck with me. It went like this: "Sacrifice is giving up something you love for something you love more." Simply profound, huh? I can't help but think what this would look like in my life. I mean what if?...What if we actually did that consistently? And what if the something we loved more was actually someone?...and what if that someone was actually worthy of the sacrifice? Many of us have discovered that "someone" in Jesus, but I still think He is the best kept secret around. But, I'm getting off subject... Bottom line, following Jesus isn't our safest option necessarily but it is the most sensible and satisfying one! It is the only option that can make sense of this life. So don't live a bubble wrapped life. You've got to dig into this thing and discover the depth of life available in Jesus. I'm convinced every one would love Jesus if they would just let down their guard and meet Him! Check out the video that went along with "the safe life interrupted" talk. I think you'll enjoy it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on "sacrifice" as Craig defined it--how did you process it? and the video!

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