Monday, January 14, 2008

Reunions, Momentum, Excellence, and Updates

The topic of many sermons in recent years... "If Jesus decided to avail himself in our current world what would he look like" Well, for a moment we thought we had spotted him in the Ridge Church parking lot. He was rollin' in this "pimp my ride addition" pick-up truck approximately 1,700 lights, including blue lights around each tire, and a tree in the back.

Well, no Jesus, not yet anyway...but it was a cool reunion with a Brian Queen. I didn't recognize him at first, but I used to speak at Garinger, his high school like 7-8 years ago. Good to re-connect Brian---love the ride! Keep pursuing Jesus.

Ridge Church had her 13th public service this past weekend and we have a really cool sense of momentum right now. Tons of new faces, and people are really excited about group link and are signing up to attend (February 2nd). Many of the people that have been to Ridge Church only three or four times are already shadowing in various ministries and jumping in to give and serve. Andy Stanley talked about the need that every person has "to be known" We all live with the tension of image management and run the risk of living our lives never really being known if we don't allow ourselves to be in relationship with the right people. It's an unbelievable talk. Check it out (Q3 part two).

We have a lot people make comments about the high quality that we have been able to pull off as a brand new "load-in" church. Honestly we still feel like we are just learning, and doing the best we can with what we have, but we do strive for excellence. Excellence is not one of our core values but creating relevant environments is. We want to create environments that partner with Believers as a safe place for them to invite the people in their circles of influence that have yet to discover the love, acceptance, and Salvation found in Jesus. We talk alot about the fact that everything that we do communicates something that we believe about God.

This excellence shows up in a significant way in our music. We are privileged to have a lot of amazing musicians, that are in love with Jesus, play on the stage at Ridge Church. Josh Via is is a good friend and amazing musician that loves Jesus with all his heart. He leads for us frequently and we love this guy! Ben Richter has knocked it out of the park for us a few times too and will lead for us regularly in 2008. And Michael Johnston has lead for us as well. Quick story on Michael, in response to questions from several of you. He was the lead singer of a really poplular band a few years ago called the "Small Town Poets." Michael obviously has an amazing level of talent but carries himself with humility--never like a rock star. Check these guys out on-line, then come out and hear them in person at Ridge Church.

OKAY. The burning question...the number one question I'm asked currently is about Ridge Church moving to Sunday Mornings. When? and Where? We are in pursuit of several Sunday morning opportunities and you can help us get there. If you'd like to know more click here to find out about becoming a Vision Partner with us. For those already involved, we are about 12 commitments away from our goal. Thanks for your interest, and thanks for partnering with us in this amazing vision!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow does that bring back some memories of First Priority. While I am here love reading your blog and seeing how things are going for the church there!