Thursday, March 13, 2008

Amazing opportunity met by Amazing sacrifice

I remember last year, driving from North Charlotte to my home in Southeast Charlotte and being overwhelmed. I was wrestling through, talking to God about the vast and slightly overwhelming vision he has given me for the people of this city. In a powerful and undeniable moment I felt as though the Lord overwhelmed me with this thought:

"Chris, don't fear dreaming too big, but fear dreaming too small." I think a laughed out loud, but I haven't forgotten that moment. The God of Scripture is vast but that vastness is matched by his vast love for the nations ...including this city! I'm convinced that Ridge Church was and is His idea, not mine. Because he loves our city more than we do.

Stepping into God's vision often requires both faith and sacrifice:

For the first time in our existence the ball is in our court in terms of a "Sunday Morning Permanent Facility" for Ridge to meet in. I can't believe I am even saying that! We have searched out or looked seriously at close to 70 facilities to no avail. NO, that number 70 wasn't a typo!

It is a 21,000 square foot, beautiful facility, three miles from our current meeting location. It would require a steep increase in monthly expense and up fit costs. This is an amazing opportunity but it must be met by amazing sacrifice and crazy generosity from ALL of US!


I simply refuse
to live my life wondering "what if?" What if I had gone for it? What if I had given more? What if I had said yes, or no? What if I had sacrificed more? What if...? I want US to step up to the plate here and give our best effort, act in faith, sacrifice convenience, and watch God attach himself to that effort in a miraculous way.

WE need "everyone" to rally around this opportunity and give generously. Not so that Ridge Church can have a building, but more importantly so the people of this city can have hope!! This isn't about us not being a load in church---It's about the eternity of men, women, and children in this city. It's about your neighbor. It's about your co-worker. It's about my children and yours! It's about a Ridge becoming a bigger microphone for God to shout his love to the people of our city.

Will you step up? Don't wait. I can't wait to share more on Sunday---and reveal another AMAZING opportunity that we will have on Easter Morning.


The Via Colony said...

We are so excited as we watch God working through Ridge=)

Patti C said...

What a great building for a church. We are praying for Ridge Church.