Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crazy week--here are Today's Events:

DAY EVENT # ONE: (prayer)
Good start to the day. Several men gathered with me this morning as we do every Thursday morning to pray for Ridge Church. It was a really powerful and refreshing time as always. We are tracking through the Seven Practices of Effective Ministry together as well.

DAY EVENT # TWO: (kinetic church)
I've received emails and interest from people in several different states, and from people all around Charlotte about what Ridge Church is doing for Easter with Kinetic Church. I actually had one lady, that I didn't recognize, stop me in the grocery store this week to ask about the deal with Kinetic. If you haven't read about or heard about the "full story" check my previous post. Here is the abbreviated version and updates:

Kinetic Church here in Charlotte, were the victims of thieves and lost two trailers full of church equipment. Now there are thieves roaming Charlotte that are the "proud" owners of Kinetic signage, communion gear, Bibles, children's gear, pipe and drape, and tons of other stuff they can't use!--maybe it's poetic justice?

Long story made short, Ridge Church will be joining up with Kinetic Church for Easter Sunday, as we take Waumba Land (our pre-school ministry environment), and Upstreet (our elementary age environment) on the road to their place at Concord Mills Mall. So a lot of the Ridge Church family will be worshiping and serving alongside the Kinetic family on Easter Sunday, and it will be phenomenal!! Make plans to join us if you haven't already.

**Our staff team spent about an hour at the Concord Mills, AMC theaters today laying out the blueprints for how we will move and implement Waumba Land and Upstreet in that context.

Easter Weekend Schedule:
  • We are sorting through the Ridge equipment and loading the truck Saturday afternoon
  • We are meeting at the theater Sunday Morning (Concord Mills) for load in @7:30am
  • Worship begins at 10AM!
DAY EVENT # THREE: (Ridge facility details)
We spent the rest of the afternoon meeting people, looking at specs, and reflecting on the possibilities for the facility that Ridge is considering. A possible "New Home"? I'll give more details on this in my next post. Many of you have asked about getting involved (THANKS!). It will definitely take sacrifice and generosity from many to help us get there. Get started by becoming a vision partner HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to Kinetic Church today and helping out with the children's ministry... It was an amazing experience and God is going to do awesome things for your Church.
You will never know how much this meant to all of us. Time is the most valued thing one can offer, our church couldn't have been more blessed to have had you guys give a helping hand, that's what community is all about. Thank you once again for all your love and support.