Friday, March 28, 2008

Highlights: Easter with Kinetic

I've had tons of interest about what we did for Easter. Here is a brief video that Rusty put together that will give you a snapshot idea of what went on that day. It was a really fun day, as we partnered with Kinetic Church. We literally took Waumba (Ridge pre-school environment) and Upstreet (Ridge elementary environment) on the road to Kinetic Church!

Thanks to all of the awesome volunteers and staff from Ridge that made this happen!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely one of THE coolest things I've ever seen.
As Dave said, "Isn't this what the church should be all about!?". Awesome!

I'm in awe of you today Ridge Church! That was inspiring.

Your partner in Nashville,

Eddie Johnson
Cumberland Church

Anonymous said...

John 17:21-23

If we can get past ourselves and our own church, the world will know.

It's a promise.

Thanks for being courageous Chris.

Thanks for doing this not to create a buzz, but to serve.

We are all tired of church growth agendas.

Thanks for loving without and agenda.

Thanks for serving without and agenda.

I love it.

How good and pleasent it must have been.