Friday, February 29, 2008

Formed, Known and Blessed

Wow. My week has been amped---in a good way though. We are gearing up for our new series that begins this weekend (more at the bottom of this post) But my amped week has kept me from posting as frequently as I had planned. But here is a quick reflection and thought on this idea of Blessings:

I have been blessed to this week as I have listened to people's stories (numerous stories) about the role Ridge Church is playing in their lives. I'm blessed by those of you that give sacrificially and consistently of your time and pay checks because you believe that "all people really do matter to God!" I am blessed by the creativity, hearts, skills, and passion of my staff and consider it an honor to work along side them. I'm blessed as I reflect on what a great mother, and wife to a crazy, dreaming pastor my wife is. I'm blessed that one of my children prayed recently asking Jesus to be their Savior! I'm blessed by my four prayer partners that in-convenienced themselves in a major way this week to beg God to show favor on Ridge--so that we can bless the people of this city.

Blessings are always followed by a comma NOT a period. We are blessed, because God intends for us to bless others. Each blessing is an opportunity to bless others.

Blessed? Are you Sure?
Now, I know some of you reading this are currently in the midst--wrestling with some difficult situations, relationships, heart aches, losses---and just maybe you wouldn't define your life as "blessed". I get that--I understand it, but I suspect that if we could see our lives in respect to the atrocities and misfortune of the world around--if we all could simply realize that every inhale and exhale, every thought, every meal, simply having a place to lay our head...that every moment or act demonstrating love are all blessings. If we could just recognize that blessings aren't always in the form of accumulated wealth and more stuff...maybe we 'd realize we are in reality blessed?---If we realized that WE'RE ALL enjoying privileges and amenities that many will never enjoy---just maybe we would re-define what a blessing really is.

An encouraging thought from God's Word to "US":

In Jeremiah 1:5 God says to Jeremiah, and it is true of us too, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and set you apart..."---- Restated, God formed you, and even before he did that, he had a plan for you. A purpose, that all of your days on this ball of dirt were intended to work toward accomplishing...GOD, the Creator--FORMED you, has PLANS for you, and on top of that he BLESSED you. If that is true...and I believe it is, what are the practical implications of that as you move in to tomorrow and the next day and the next week??? It's staggering, inspiring, motivating!!!

Don't miss this series:

Again, I can't wait to begin this new series this Sunday, "The Legend of Joe Jacobson." The interest and intrigue are high---with people wondering and asking, who is this Joe Jacobson character anyway. Well, come and find out. I will also reveal more about the new website this weekend. We have many hits coming in to the site already already...wondering what it's about aren't you? Incredibly powerful and practical series. Don't miss it.

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the burchard bunch said...

Last night was awesome! I still can't believe we get to part of this journey!! What a BLESSING!