Wednesday, June 17, 2009

62! summer begins

This past Sunday was our first Sunday since kids are out of school for summer. In summertime the great beach and vacation flight begins and this is our first summer in full swing so we really didn't know what to expect.

Upstreet kicked off a brand new summer series called "super heroes" and waumba land introduced a big story time to their summer program. Last week during the 11am service we had 62 kids 5th grade and younger in the building. Pretty crazy but I love it. One of the distinctives that has been driving the vision of Ridge from day one was our deep desire to partner with families.

If I weren't speaking next week I might skip the adult services myself to experience what is causing kids to wake up ready for Sundays instead of dreading them. Kudos to the Upstreet and Waumba teams for an amazing job partnering with families! The best is yet to come.

*Remember only one service next week at 11am. You probably don't want to be late!

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