Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome to the Living Room!

Our church has really developed a strong sense of community in a short amount of time. It's one of the many things that I love about Ridge Church. I spend a lot of time reflecting and thinking about how to really harness that as a part of our DNA as the church continues to grow. It will be tougher as we grow but vital. Good news--we have a game plan.

One of the ways for this to really be part of our DNA as we grow is for us to continue to grow, expand, and develop our current ministry model/strategy (another way of saying strategy is 'the way we do ministry').

(Picture of On Location--welcome from Upstreet!)

Reminder for some and explanation for others:
Our church strategy is a series of relational progressions through three key environments. We use the imagery of a home to describe these three environments. (Full Descriptions HERE)
  1. Foyer: Place primarily reserved for welcoming guest and new friends
  2. Living Room: Place where relationship begin to form.
  3. Kitchen: Place where lasting relationship are made.
Since Ridge Church is a still a pretty new church with a constant influx of new people we are attempting to create more and more clear "Living Room" environments. There are several things going on this summer that will serve to strengthen our "Living Room" environments. Remember "Living Room" environments are the place that relationships begin to form. Here are a few--with several others in the works:
  • Financial Peace University: 13 weeks on Sunday nights. Started today. One spot left!
  • Summer studies: Two summer Bible studies/discussions. Single men's and Single women's. College and older are welcome. Details HERE.
  • Strategic Service: One of the best ways to meet people at Ridge More info HERE.
So, if you are still in the foyer at Ridge Church we would love to welcome you to the Living Room! When those relationships begin to form it will change your entire Sunday morning experience.

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