Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Birthday Celebration (Wow!)

Family Birthday Celebration:

This is one of my favorite things at Ridge Church. We had a big, exciting birthday celebration done in style for children that have placed their trust in Jesus. This was their opportunity to publicly identify themselves with Jesus and our opportunity to celebrate it like crazy. We are learning as a church to appropriately celebrate the right things and I love that! Special thanks to Patrick Mitchell our upstreet and student impact director. He does a great job leading our church to partner with families. I'm honored to serve with this great team at Ridge.

Just a few pics from this amazing day. I'm excited that we are influencing the families that are the incubators and shapers of the next generation that will raise the banner of Jesus high for all to see. They will...they must--change the world!!

Prayer time with Family and Friends:
Maddie Brown and Family:

Gage Banks and family:

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patrick mitchell said...

so thankful to be a part of this!
Amazing stuff God is doing...