Thursday, June 4, 2009

My job is pointless

Have you ever thought this about your job or your current station in life "that it is pointless"? Have you ever struggled to find purpose in the midst of what seems to be a mundane situation? Have you ever felt like what you do or where you work adds no real value to any one anywhere?

Your current job or current station in life likely has far more significance than you realize. What if there was eternal significance attached to every job that we possess from that first high school or college job waiting tables, delivering pizza, or baby sitting all the way to your current position as a nurse, teacher, business owner, sales rep, manager etc? What if each job and each station in life carries with it a responsibility and an opportunity?

Sunday 9:30am and 11am at Ridge part two of "On location". Just be there and I promise you will walk away with a new perspective and quite possibly a new passion for your 9-5. This one is really good!

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