Friday, February 1, 2008

Brain Dump

In no particular order here are a few things I'm learning, a few people I'm learning from, and...well...other important stuff!

Orange Conference:

I went to the Orange Conference today. Reggie Joiner the founder of Rethink, and one of the original team of people that started North Point Community Church, overflows with passion for helping form a great marriage between the church and the family. He said tons of great things--here are my three favorites:
  1. The question we (church and church leaders) must ask is, " What are we doing for the sake of a generation that we don't want to lose?"
  2. We (the church) must be on the top of our game tehcnically/in production, but we likely won't out produce culture with better shows, lights, events etc----However our culture can't compete with the quality of relationships that the church alone can provide. (chew on that one!)
  3. "Alignment" (in an organization, team, church, family etc) doesn't just happen by doing nothing. "Misalignment" happens by doing nothing. Alignment is always intentional.

We believe deeply and passionately in the philosophy of "orange".
That is exactly why waumba, upstreet and student impact are such a big deal for ridge church. Here is a small taste:

I met my friend Carey for breakfast this morning. Carey is my Canadian friend and fellow pastor that I love and respect. His church Connexus, like Ridge Church, is a North Point Partner church (meaning we share the same values and mission as NPCC). Here's how the morning began:

(Wouldn't advise this but, I drove in pouring down rain, with no windshield wipers in south charlotte traffic. If you passed me and I was in your lane I apologize---Yes, I was "that guy" that complicates traffic and makes you angry beyond measure. I was regretting that ridge sticker on my truck this morning!)

...Back to Carey's story---In a matter of weeks, he stepped away from denominational alignment (gracefully!) and started a new church with two campuses thirty minutes in opposite directions, in two movie theaters--loading in everything. Some days they loaded in two campuses in the snow. Your situation feels better already doesn't it! And, that doesn't even begin to unfold his amazing story. I love his courage and persistence. A couple of take aways from our time together:

  1. When a person or organization is genuinely excited by the success of others it's a sign of humility
  2. Be it right or wrong--Relationship often trumps mission. People want to know "who is coming?" more frequently than "What it is about? (regardless of what "it" is) You might have to think about this one for awhile!
  3. Past experience is often a sign of future performance (Yikes!-- Obviously, he isn't stating what "has to been", as much as what is typical behavior.)
Group Link:
I know, I sounds like speed dating or fraternity/sorority rush...but it's an incredible experience. Last weekend, I went on a retreat with my community group and it was such a great time. Three months ago most of them didn't even know each other, but now we are close. People look forward to the nights that we meet. We pray for each other, study God's word together and we laugh a lot and have loads of fun together We also take time to just exhale from life's craziness. We are figuring out what it looks like to "do life together". Without question, it's the best thing we do as a church. Check it out February 2, 7-9pm at the Levine Center in Matthews.

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