Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prepare well. Pray hard. Expect Much!

Whether you are a Ridge Church regular or just a follower of Jesus that found your way to my blog I'd love to invite you even CHALLENGE YOU (ooohhhhhh!) to join with us in our new prayer challenge. We have an amazing team of volunteers and staff at Ridge Church that truly create amazing ministry environments for every age group on a weekly basis--in a load in context too! But even though this is easy to forget, we would all quickly acknowledge that "Preparing well isn't enough." Having excellent, creative, and memorable environments is a HUGE deal but it isn't enough. That alone can't and won't accomplish our mission of "Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ". Great Environments and preparing well... It's what we do. It's our part. But there is more. So much more! For the last two weeks we have been talking about this hat trick. As a church we want to:
  1. Prepare well
  2. Pray hard
  3. Expect much
The pages of Scripture reveal the heart of God clearly and repeatedly. He is all about "seeking and saving the lost". He came for the "sick not the healthy." We are making a concerted and intentional effort as a church to tailor our personal prayer times (or your drive to work or your last five minutes before bed) to reflect and echo God's heart! Our prayer challenge is simple but VITAL. Pick at least five people from your circle of influence and simply begin to pray for them by name every day if possible. Even more specifically: If you can think of people who when you consider their life, their spiritual journey, their faith, or their belief in Jesus, there is some uncertainty for you as to where they stand...THEN write their name down (or initials or code word--whatever works for you:-) And start praying for them!! And keep praying for them!! You'll be amazed at the compassion God begins to give you for them! You will be amazed at how it affects the way you move through your day. Your awareness of opportunities to invest in them will soar. No one will have to tell you to be more careful of how you live or tell you to invite them to church. When you begin praying for people it will only be a matter of time before you are saving a seat for them at church or having a "spiritual conversation" with them.

SO, will you take the CHALLENGE? Here is the card many of us are carrying around. I can't wait until the stories start rolling in. Much will happen in you. I know it seems simple, but trust me. It's a huge deal!!:

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