Friday, April 3, 2009

Whole world in his Hands!

We have been tracking through an amazing series at Ridge Church called "He's still* got the whole world in His hands." Whether it is the loss of job, health, a business, a home, a scholarship, or a pay grade, major changes grab our attention. Even if it happens to a neighbor or a work associate but hasn't affected us directly yet it can still begin to plague our minds with worry and "what if's".

You can catch up on part one "Nothing New" HERE --part two "Pray until the Peace comes" HERE and part three...well, I guess we will see you Sunday morning at 11am! Trust me part three is going to be extremely helpful.

Ridge Volunteers: Don't forget we are doing a breakfast for you during CORE worship starting at 9:15am this week. We have a BIG announcement to make. Pretty excited! Make plans to be there.

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