Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ridge Financial Update

With our church still being so new, I try to do a financial update on my blog, our worship guide and through our weekly evite at least once every two months but this one is over due so I included a three month spread. We try to be very open and transparent about our finances. You can click on the graph to enlarge it.Here is the brief explanation: The most important number in terms of sustainability and health is the "Regular Giving" number. This number indicates the income Ridge Church receives from the people that actually attend Ridge Church. Ideally we want to see the internal giving climb each month until our local giving can cover all of our monthly expenses without a need for outside donors.

"Fundraising" This number reflects one time gifts or outside gifts from people that believe in Ridge Church but may not actually attend our church. As you can see this is a very fickle number and one that we don't want to count on for our month to month expenses. Especially in an economic state like our current one, outside fundraising is totally unpredictable.

Every gift and every monthly commitment moves us one step closer to financial sustainability and because of your generosity we are making progress even with so many among us losing their jobs. It's pretty amazing honestly! Thanks for your generosity. BUT, we aren't there yet. I say this often: "We are not asking for equal gifts we are inviting equal sacrifice." We believe Jesus words are true and accurate, "Where your treasure is there your heart will be also." [Matthew 6:21] In other words, people's hearts ultimately follow their money. Thanks for investing in people's eternity through sacrifice and generosity to Ridge Church. We can't do this without your continued sacrifices. It makes a difference! Go HERE to Donate.

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Sean said...

Ridge Team,

Thanks so much for the update!

This is great news. I'm praying that the local giving continues to richly fund this massive mission!

Thrilled to be on the team.