Sunday, April 26, 2009

Response Required?

I thought about the weekend message a lot leading up to Sunday and I couldn't escape the fact that the content of this message legitimately "required" a response and clear explanation of "next steps." We were in part two of "Simple" and you can't get a much clearer explanation of "how to be a Christian" Listen HERE if you missed it.

As a response to this message we encouraged people to be courageous and do at least one of two things and hopefully both:
  1. Tell the person you were sitting with or that invited you if you "prayed to place your your trust in Jesus."
  2. Go to our website and click the link "I BELIEVE" (image/link below). It provides a clear next step so that we can know how to best help you.
TODAY marked the day of salvation for some courageous people at Ridge Church and I've heard from them. What about you? Do you believe? Maybe it's time to go public! Maybe it's time to experience your life as God intends for it to be!

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