Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Uncommon prayer=Uncommon passion

I challenged the leaders of ridge recently---the leader's who when they speak of Ridge Church use only personal pronouns because this mission has moved from their heads to their hearts. The challenge was simple 1.) prepare well 2.) pray hard and 3.) expect much! I believe that "uncommon prayer breeds uncommon passion". The most significant and intoxicating times in my life have been characterized by an uncommon passion that found it's origin in uncommon prayer. But it's a discipline. Otherwise I would have called it "common." By uncommon prayers I mean prayers that don't benefit us directly or practically if they are answered. Most people will never a pray a single prayer or request a single thing through prayer that doesn't directly or practically benefit them. Sad but true. We are even narcissistic in our prayers.

If you want to experience uncommon passion then I DARE you to pray some uncommon prayers! Don't let life pass you by--all the while missing the spiritual potential available through prayer. It is an often undiscovered gold mine of potential that can be unleashed in your life.
My Uncommon Prayer Story: I am praying for about 10 people by name right now. I carry their names in my wallet on card like the one above. Some are seekers of God. Some are skeptics. Some of them are un-churched and I simply don't know where they stand spiritually. I am praying for serious spiritual awakening in their lives. God moments!

TODAY I bumped into one of them in the city. He has doesn't go to church, and doesn't know about all of it. He is open but I would describe him as super intelligent skeptic. Probably wounded by the church somewhere in his distant past. He was sharing passionately with me about his pursuit of life meaning. I felt so much more passion and freedom than usual (because of uncommon prayer!). I told him, "Man, I don't want you to be wigged out but I want you to know that I've actually been praying for you by name at least 3-4 times a week for several weeks now." (awkward pause)...He looked shocked but then he melted. He said man that means so much. Then he said this. Truthfully, I've been feeling it! I'm restless these days and know God is dealing with me and every time I see you I feel like it's a cue from God, a reminder to deal with Him... I invited him to join me at 9:30am this week at Ridge. He swears that he's coming soon and looking forward to it. For now my role is to keep praying "uncommon prayers."

SO...I can't guarantee what the time lines will look like but here is how it will likely unfold for you:

Uncommon prayer=Uncommon Passion=Uncommon Boldness!

I want to live an uncommon life. How about you? It starts with uncommon prayer.

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