Sunday, May 24, 2009

Conclusion of Text

I rolled without access to internet for the last couple of days so I missed a few "text" posts. My wife and I headed to Athens Georgia for my high school reunion and didn't get back into town until very late Saturday night. Reunions are always interesting! Enough said about that. I won't tell you what year reunion in an effort to pretend to be blissfully unaware about it all.

Text Concludes:
We concluded an amazing series today at Ridge. We are having a lot of visitors these days because the people that call Ridge Church their church are inviting friends like crazy. Second service was at capacity. I totally forgot to give away the free prize to the text message winner in the second service but we did manage to track him down before he left. We had a bunch of people that jumped on it with some speedy texting! (Your phones were supposed to be off during church...hmmmm?)

Andy visited three keys to help our time spent in the Scriptures. Simple but so good:
  1. Find a Place
  2. Pick a Time
  3. Have a Plan
You can download the reading plan from today HERE
You can listen to the message HERE

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