Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday "Text" (10 commands)

Monday "Text" Exodus 20:1-20 (Read Exodus 20:1-20 HERE)

If you stumbled onto this blog or haven't checked in for awhile here is the deal. We are in a series called "Text" at Ridge Church. As a church we diving into some Scripture passages together asking God to speak to us through his Word. Join us on the journey. You may be surprised at the result when you come to the Scriptures honestly and openly seeking to hear from God.

Honestly...I couldn't get past the first verse of today's text without writing out a thought. Exodus 20:1 says "And God spoke all these words" STOP!

That changes everything.
If that phrase is true, and you'll have to do whatever homework necessary to ease your mind or suspicions on that subject--but I believe that these are the very words of God---but if that phrase is true then we simply must read and see the verses that follow through a different lens. If that is true it changes everything.

My Paraphrase:
"PSSSSST. This is your Creator Speaking...your loving Heavenly Father...the all knowing one...the God with a passion to redeem you...and I have truth that should guide your life. Live within these guardrails and experience life as it can and should be. And don't forget--things look different from my perspective. Here it comes:"

5 or 6 work days?

No more commentary from me today but one question that gave me pause. vs. 9. God said 6 days you shall labor, but pause completely for one day (sabbath). So where did the idea of five work days and two weekend days come from? Not that I'm complaining but thought it was interesting. There is a logical answer but I won't give it to you. Scripture is fascinating though! I love that God chose to talk about super practical stuff like how to work and how to take appropriate breaks.

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