Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wed. "Text" "You are that man!"

I Read yesterday (I promise) but just now making it to post. Totally intense passage.

Read the Wednesday text: II Samuel 12:1-22 HERE

The emotions wrapped up in that defining moment in vs 7 must have been "INTENSE." Nathan tells David a sad and twisted story about a very evil man. I can envision King David with all of his kingly authority leaning in from his throne of power as the story unfolds from the prophet Nathan's lips. Nathan walks him right up to the cliff and then King David's "ironic righteous passion" thrust him head first off the cliff.

You are that man!
At the pinnacle of the story when David's anger at this sick and twisted man in Nathan's story had reached a boiling point it becomes apparent that Nathan has set David up like a t-shot and then he takes a swing as he says to David, "You are that man."

In that moment David is toast! Busted. Laid bare. Exposed. In that moment he realized that he hated the man he had become. Also in that moment he found himself in a posture to receive forgiveness and take a step on the road to healing. Rightly defined it was a bitter sweet moment.

David's exact response to the man that turned out to be HIM was "He burned with anger against that man."

OBSERVATION 1: You and I might be surprised how angry we would be without ourselves if we could see ourselves as others see us--or as God sees us. (Slow down and read it again!) Your self image is probably skewed.

OBSERVATION 2: You and I might never see ourselves in an honest light until we give someone else unfiltered permission to give us an occasional snapshot of who we really are. (as a son, daughter, employee, employer, husband, wife, mom, dad, neighbor, friend...)

**Don't read David's story without considering your own story! Maybe an outside voice into your life is long overdue?

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Josh Via said...

Great word, Chris. I think the same application can be made when we sit through a sermon. It's easy to think, "Man, I wish _____ was here to hear this!" When it's us who really needs it. Thanks for the reminder, dude. Blessings.