Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday "Text"

Thursday Text: Psalm 119:97-104 (Read Psalm 119:97-104 HERE)

My wife and I have laughed often about the question that I like to ask: "what are you thinking about right now?" The reason it's funny is because since we were dating she has often responded "nothing" to which I typically respond "that's do you think of nothing?"As it turns out she is often thinking of something but because it didn't feel important or pertinent she would say she was thinking of "nothing."

Maybe some of you have this challenge but for whatever reason I have a tough time shutting my brain down. I always have 10 layers of thoughts in various stages of development bouncing around in my brain. The thought that hit me as I read the "text" for today is what if?...what if I committed myself to consistently meditate/think all day long on God's word (not just on Sunday:-). Maybe a verse? Maybe a concept? Maybe a principle? But to take God's word and intentionally incorporate it into my thought process each day. To choose to think about it and consider it. That is in essence what it means to meditate on God's Word.

So What Are You Thinking?
It is a discipline to meditate/think about God's word but God's word produces in us "wisdom vs 98"--"insight vs 99"--"understanding vs 100"--"a hate for wrong things vs 104" If we added just those four qualities to our daily lives and they guided us through out each days decisions and relationships--how different would our ultimate outcomes be? I think drastically different!! So what are you thinking about?

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