Friday, May 29, 2009

Ridge Road Crew!

Ridge Environment Teams/ Road Crew:

We start them young! We have jokingly called the environment team or "road crew" at Ridge Church our official "sun rise service." You don't have to wait for Easter at Ridge Church to get your Sun rise service on! We arrive at 6:30am every week to starting creating amazing environments. And I'm not bragging---just stating fact/reality--our environments are really good! I'm amazed at what the creative, committed, hard working, kingdom minded volunteers at Ridge are able to accomplish every week.

We are able to achieve a level of excellence and creativity in a portable environment that some will never achieve in any context. Why? Because we are competing for the souls and life purpose of people that matter to us and matter even more to God. But we aren't competing with the church down the street. They are on our team! Different bedrooms in the same house so to speak. We are competing with every other thing that wins the attention of our un churched, un convinced neighbors on any given Sunday. So we must be great. We must be excellent. We must be on point every week! And we are.

We create environments each week that serve the greatest possible purpose on planet earth! That's why people keep showing up every week at 6:30am. Maybe it's time for you to join the team too. You might be surprised. It's hard work but it's a great community and ultimately it is an investment that will outlast you! OR---you can let the children have all the fun. Your call:-)

Family Birthday Celebration Last Year-Just one Environment example!

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