Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday "Text"

Monday Text: Psalm 1 (Read Psalm 1 HERE)

(My simple thoughts and insights...)

There is a direct connection between our time spent in the "word of God" and our ability to stand strong in the midst of the storms or challenges of life.
Deep, strong, nourished roots=stability

[in season] This phrase stood out for me in today's Scripture "text." Maybe it stood out because this concept can be an irritant at times. Our time in God's word will yield "fruit in us" but it may not produce or even be visible in the time frames that we like or want! Is it just me or are there times that it seems like God is unaware or uninterested in the importance of events in our lives that need to happen now?

I need a
I need to sell the
I need to make a job

I need the
I need my son or daughter to come
I need the check to show

I need the

Yet however it may appear, God isn't unaware of our needs. Nor is he uninterested. In reality when we read and absorb the word of God it will produce in us the appropriate things at the appropriate times like a tree that "yields fruit in season."

I've noticed in my life that the word of God has the ability to bring balanced perspective in the midst of chaos. Not to mention that living out the principles of this book becomes preventative measure for much of the "self induced" chaos many of us experience on a regular basis.

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