Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Reading List

Some of you are voracious readers and some of you never read (but the latter would mean you aren't aware of this blog:-) I remember reading a quote from Howard Hendricks when I was in my early twenties where he said something like, "The two greatest success influences in a person's life are the people they know and the books they read." That stuck with me and my reading journey began. Some seasons allow more reading than others and some seasons probably require more reading than others but it's part of my on going growth plan.

And now technology has made it even easier. You can catch an author summarizing his book in a podcast or just get the book on cd or download for your ipod. No Excuses really. So here are my four books that I will read (or attempt) this summer. Just added the last one to my list a couple of days.

  1. In The Company of Jesus by Bill Donahue
  2. Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey
  3. Axiom by Bill Hybels
  4. The Breakthrough Company by Keith McFarland
What about you? Got any good books lined up for the summer?

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patrick mitchell said...

Good to Great - Jim Collins
The Pleasures of God - Piper
Seven Checkpoints - Andy/Stuart Hall
Spirit of the Disciplines - Dallas Willard
The Mission of God - Christopher Wright

I guess we'll see if we get all these read by the end of the summer...
But with the way my reading ADD goes, this list might change 8 times during the summer!