Monday, February 18, 2008

Drive Safely Contestants!

Part 2 of Louie's series "Indesribable" (catch up on part one here), was really powerful--maybe even a bit overwhelming! I have heard from several people already today talking about the contagious atmosphere of the night. Josh Via and the band were amazing!

REMEMBER---We are off this coming Sunday night (Levine Senior Center that we meet in has a dance class last Sunday night of each month---If you forget we are off and show up, I expect an update, maybe some pics? :-)

The Legend of Joe Jacobson:
March 2nd, we begin again with "The Legend of Joe Jacobson." I promise, you won't be able to get the concepts and principles of this series out of your head for weeks.

Seth Godin, at google said something in a recent talk that applies to us. It should be obvious but was interesting to me. It went like this, "[Remarkable] doesn't mean beautiful or ideal or perfect. It only means one thing. Worth making a remark about." It seems to me that if Ridge Church would simply be "remarkable", we would go a long way toward partnering with each of you to see the people that you know and love, experience the love of Jesus.

Based on what I heard from you in the foyer last night, various conversations, and your emails today, it was a "remarkable night." We look forward to many more of those. Keep spreading the word.

Decal Contest:
Throw out a little competition and the place goes wild. The most impressive thing to me is your "creativity a
nd innovation" when it comes to bending the rules. Here is the first picture (taken from a moving car?). I am sending a consolation prize, but the contest is still on. This sticker was on a staff rule we introduced last night---No Staff Cars! I don't want you guys tailing us like paparazzi. I've seen the celebrity melt downs. Not Good!

Rules Recap:
  1. Decal cannot be on your car
  2. Decal cannot be on your spouse or family car
  3. Decal cannot be from your community group
  4. Decal cannot be from the Ridge Church parking lot
  5. Decal cannot be from Ridge Church staff car
Still need a decal? Click Here and we will send one. Be sure to give us a mailing address in the message box.

**I will give an update on Facility and Ridge Vision Partners tomorrow.

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